SCE is extensively involved in municipal and private water and wastewater systems engineering design, permitting, rate studies, regulations, project design and contract administration. SCE is a leader in water and wastewater utility engineering and aims to provide the appropriate engineering solution to each of our Client’s system’s situation, whether it requires simple O&M recommendations, to process equipment, to new construction. SCE’s mission is to provide cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions that effectively assist water and wastewater systems in complying with today’s challenging regulatory environment. With open communication and working in partnership with municipal utility authorities and local government agencies, SCE facilitates development, improvements, maintenance, operation and safety of critical utility infrastructures for our public and private utility Clients.

Our design experience has benefited many of our Clients in implementing much-needed water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement projects. These projects are often identified and developed in Asset Management & Master Plans, enabling the utilities to plan and budget for their implementation prior to escalating emergency repairs, which often interrupt service at great expense. Our aim is to provide the appropriate engineering solution to each system’s situation whether it requires simple O&M recommendations, to process equipment, to new construction. Our team develops custom, complete & cost-effective solutions that meet our Client’s needs.

SCE has successfully submitted NJ I-BANK loan applications for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements and is proficient and knowledgeable in the NJ I-BANK protocols. These loan applications require environmental planning and cultural resources for the issuance of environmental decisions and requires a separate application for each project. SCE can assist qualified applicants to meet the criteria in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. Our staff is familiar with recent NJ I-BANK funding modifications and the NJDEP amended Intended Use Plan (IUP).

Services Offered

  • Asset management planning
  • GIS system mapping
  • Water quality accountability act implementation
  • Cyber security
  • Well design / rehabilitation
  • Chemical feed system
  • Corrosion control systems
  • Construction administration inspection & reporting
  • Pump station design
  • Non-revenue water analysis
  • Water storage tanks
  • IDSE
  • Fire flow testing / suppression systems
  • Water allocation permitting
  • Consumer confidence reports
  • Water treatment facility design
  • Booster / interconnection facility design
  • NJ I-Bank & USDA funding
  • Jack & Bore crossings
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Railroad crossings
  • Water main CIPP lining
  • Open cut stream crossings
  • Site improvements
  • System evaluations / condition assessments
  • As-built plans
  • Operation & maintenance manuals
  • Water meter automations
  • Water distribution & transmission mains
  • Water distribution system hydraulic modeling

ROV Services

Committed to keeping pace with the latest and innovative technologies and providing our Clients leading-edge services, SCE proudly offers Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) services to perform visual inspections and condition assessments in underwater environments. This ROV equipment, which is widely known as an underwater drone, captures high resolution photographs and videos, reaches confined spaces and is equipped with various attachments for advanced capabilities. Utilizing this technology allows our team to gather information in a timely and efficient manner at a safe location, without the need for confined space entry.

Additionally, this method does not impact the normal operations, functions and services of our Client’s infrastructure. With this easy solution technology that SCE now offers, there is no excuse to not implement an inspection program to ensure the quality of your consumers waters and safeguard your infrastructure. Currently SCE offers the following ROV services: Water Storage Tank Interior Condition Assessment, Water Quality Testing & Monitoring, Underwater Inspection Services and Water Storage Construction & Rehabilitation.

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