Construction Administration & Observation

SCE has a Construction Observation & Inspection Department comprised of OSHA certified Technicians and Inspectors who are trained in various disciplines including engineering, surveying and landscape architecture. Our professionals are responsible for overseeing projects from pre-construction through until project close-out. Our team includes NICET certified Observers with significant on the job training to handle any type of environment. Our team understands what is required on jobs sites daily including preparing daily inspection reports, adhering to project schedules and ensuring contractors are completing work in accordance with all plans and specifications for the projects.

Our Project Team is an extremely experienced group of professionals with a proven track record. We have proven experience in these exact services for other municipalities throughout the state on an expedited time schedule to enable projects to be constructed within budget and completed within the Client’s established time schedules. SCE has a large Department consisting of Technicians, Observers and Safety Coordinators who are local to the area and can provide daily construction inspection and oversight. Our team members are prepared to conduct regular site visits at each project location in preparation for monthly progress meetings.  These monthly meetings will be coordinated and hosted by SCE, held on-site with project stakeholders.

The SCE Team is very experienced in providing engineering design inspection services for all types of projects including but not limited to roadway realignment projects including all phases of Municipal Engineering; preparation of bid documents (plans and specifications), field surveys and investigations, reviewing existing construction plans and inspection reports, utility coordination, and staged construction with traffic controls and/or detours.

SCE understands the potential construction constraints and will ensure that the contractor will maintain schedule, safety measures, and adhere to the specifications during construction. Our team members are trained and excel in tracking project progress, including project budgets. 

Project oversight services include, but is not limited to:

  • Monitor project budgets to ensure that all projects expend funds in accordance with all local, county and federal policies and regulations.
  • Maintain records and documentation as required for federally funded projects.
  • Close out construction projects in accordance with federal requirements.
  • Provide documentation that the project has been completed in reasonably close conformity with approved plans and specs including authorized changes and extra work including time extensions.
  • Provide a basis for acceptance and reimbursement of project costs with federal funds.
  • Acquire information on construction changes.
  • Provide documentation of solutions to problems or commitments.
  • Offer technical and procedural advice.
  • Recommend improved construction techniques and engineering supervision.
  • Communicate with project staff.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of work.
  • Follow-up on previous inspection findings.

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