Gas Utility

SCE provides our Clients with innovative design and engineering solutions to each project’s unique requirements. We provide all aspects of utility-related services including initial investigations, planning, surveying, preliminary and final distribution and transmission design, environmental permitting & remediation, construction permitting (utility opening, railroad crossings, etc.), traffic control plans, related regulatory applications and approvals, construction cost estimates and bid phase services.
Through the utilization of a variety of data collection solutions, SCE offers collaborative partnerships and experiences depending on Client preference for hardware and software options and personnel needs. SCE provides schema consulting and data collection scope recommendations and works diligently with each Client to ensure that comprehensive GIS data is captured by our trained GIS Field Technicians during the installation of gas mains. Our Field Technicians are in constant contact with the pipeline contractor to capture all data without disrupting the contractor’s productivity. After a thorough QA/QC process to verify data integrity, Enhanced GIS Data is integrated into the Client’s existing GIS system, resulting in final closeout documentation and as-laid drawing generation.
SCE’s Project Team has been instrumental in the development and implementation of this process known as Enhanced GIS Data Collection, for a number of leading natural gas utility companies throughout the country. Enhanced GIS is an efficient way to ensure your assets are traceable, verifiable, and complete, while setting up the foundation for a comprehensive Asset Management Plan that offers reduced liability and future cost-savings.

Services Offered:

  • Initial Asset Inventory
  • Schema Consulting
  • Survey & Stakeout
  • Bill of Material Review
  • Material Acceptance
  • Material Tracking
  • Material Traceability
  • GIS Data Collection
  • GPS Mapping
  • GIS Integration
  • Barcoding
  • Data Modeling
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Inspection
  • Annual Inspection Reporting
  • MAOP Validation
  • As-Laid Drawings

Types of Projects:

  • Transmission Mains
  • Distribution Mains & Services
  • Regulator Stations
  • Casing Replacements
  • In-Line Inspections (ILI)
  • MAOP Validations
  • Existing Asset Inventories
  • Class Location (CL) Surveys
  • Leak & Damage Assessments 

Captured Assets & Features

  • Gas Mains
  • Gas Services
  • Fittings
  • Welds & Fusions
  • Valves
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Regulator Stations
  • Casing Pipes & Vents
  • Gas Meters 
  • Existing Gas Assets 
  • Trench Breakers
  • Anomaly Repairs
  • Coating Repairs
  • Edge of Pavement
  • Right-of-Way Limits
  • Easement Limits
  • Subsurface Conditions
  • Elevations

Benefits & Value

  • Label & Verify all Materials Meet Pipeline Design Pressure
  • Track Materials from Delivery to Installation
  • Document all Feature Locations with Sub-Centimeter Accurate Equipment
  • Quickly & Accurately Identify Components of Your System
  • Guarantee that Components will be Identifiable for the Life of the Asset
  • Label and Stencil Welds for Validation with Inspection Reporting
  • Real-Time Validation of Operator Qualifications for Field Personnel

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