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SCE’s Land Surveying Department has decades of extensive experience completing various types of surveying projects. The Department consists of Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), Project Managers, Analysts, Technicians and Support Personnel. The Project Team completes projects ranging in size from property surveys to large acreage boundary surveys utilizing state-of-the-art surveying equipment including Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, total robotic stations and data collection.

SCE actively utilizes its advanced LiDAR scanning services as often as possible, which allows us to provide Clients with more innovative solutions on their projects. This technology enhances a multitude of services including creating topographical maps while generating accurate 3D models of each project site.

This instrumentation is being utilized on various types of projects including, but not limited to structural evaluation of buildings, proactive site settlement monitoring, as-built documentation, as well as for the design of complex draining systems for roadway, fields and commercial site properties.

SCE has vast experience in the maintenance and updates of municipal tax maps including producing new maps to the current State Standards along with producing other official mapping needs of municipalities. Other land surveying services SCE provides to our municipal Clients includes numerous infrastructure projects for county and state Clientele. Prior to design and construction of these projects for the public sector, existing conditions are field surveyed as the project warrants, mapped and used as the basis for the project design. Research and analysis of record deeds and documents are critical for the proper establishment of boundary lines, right-of-way lines, and any restrictions/easements that may be of historical relevance. The utilization of our in-house survey capabilities assists in keeping our projects under budget and on time. SCE prides itself with providing full in-house services for the benefit of all our Clients. 

Most recently, SCE has been offering our Clients Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) services, also referred to as Drone Technology. SCE embraces cutting edge technology and are dedicating to providing our Clients with the latest, most innovative technologies to use at their various project sites. Our team members are able to download and review collected data faster and more accurately which in return produces high quality deliverables guaranteed to increase efficiency on our Client’s projects. Additionally, our team possesses the required licensing and certifications necessary to operate our drone equipment, securing our Client’s safety at their sites.

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