Industrial Site Remediation Demolition ServicesEnvironmental (LSRP)

The investigation of sites with potentially hazardous waste issues requires skill and talent that SCE has acquired through years of experience dealing with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP’s) many regulatory programs. Whether coordinating with the Site Remediation Program and Solid Waste Management Program, the Division of Water Quality, Division of Land Use, or the Air Quality Permitting Program, a solid knowledge of the NJDEP Regulations is essential in moving projects forward to completion.

SCE’s experience includes soil and groundwater remediation of contaminated sites and project specific remediation to address individual project/site issues and constraints (e.g., asbestos abatement, lead-based paint remediation, historic fill, etc.). 

SCE is intimately familiar with many different municipal, state and federal agency policies and procedures including those established by the NJDOT, OSHA and the New Jersey Department of Labor. Our multitude of completed government contracts has provided us with the knowledge to administrate the required procedures to comply with the policies needed on our Client’s project sites.  

SCE employs a team of Environmental Professionals (EP) with the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your due diligence investigation, brownfield redevelopment, real estate transaction or remediation project. Knowing what you’re buying is critical for advancing successful real estate transactions & redevelopment projects. Due diligence and proper investigation of environmental concerns are necessary to understand potential financial impacts and help protect yourself from unknown contamination that could be detrimental to your project. Let our Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) and Permitting Specialists represent you for all your environmental consulting needs. Additionally, SCEs EP / LSRP is experienced with underground storage tank (UST) and Spill Act remediation oversight, design and implementation.

Services Offered

  • ASTM International Phase I/Phase II Environmental Assessment Reports (ESA)
  • ASTM Transaction Screening Assessment (TSA)
  • Preliminary Assessment Reports (PAR)
  • Site Investigation Reports (SIR)
  • Remedial Investigation Reports (RIR)
  • Remedial Action Workplans (RAW)
  • Remedial Action Reports (RAR)
  • Permit-by-Rule Applications
  • Deed Notice Preparation
  • Remedial Action Permit (RAP) Applications
  • Alternative Remedy Proposals
  • Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) Applications
  • Biennial Certification of RAPs
  • Ecological Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Compliance
  • Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) Compliance
  • Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan (SSAP)
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks

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