Headshot of Reyna M. Burger

Reyna M. Burger


As a Principal member of the SCE Corporate Leadership Team, our President, Ms. Reyna M. Burger, has over 17 years of experience in both technical and administrative functions. Ms. Burger progressively establishes and implements departmental and organizational policy, procedure, process, workflow, and regulation. Formulating annual business plans, budgets, company goals, and directly managing the project managers, accounting, operations, and human resources, Ms. Burger’s strategic performance is directly responsible for the company’s financial well-being and corporate responsibilities. Additionally, Ms. Burger ensures the daily business plans and company procedures are successfully maintained and functioning, allowing our firm to meet our Clients’ unique project expectations.

Bachelors of Science, Engineering Arts Minor in Supply Chain Management from College of Engineering of Michigan State University, Michigan 2001. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Centenary University, New Jersey

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