Headshot of Eleni Giannikopoulos

Eleni Giannikopoulos

Sr. Associate / Client Development Department Manager

Ms. Eleni Giannikopoulos is an Associate and the Client Development Department Manager at SCE. She has nearly twenty years of experience working as an engineering consultant in the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ms. Giannikopoulos joined SCE in May 2013 and brings an exemplary history of professional work experience in the fields of research and development, environmental, water and wastewater engineering, and project management to the firm. At SCE, Ms. Giannikopoulos’ project responsibilities include Water/Wastewater, Stormwater, and drainage improvement projects where she contributes her State and Local Funding and project coordination expertise tailored to each Client’s needs. Ms. Giannikopoulos Client liaison responsibilities involve continuous interaction and communication, discussing Capital Improvement needs, proper project planning, and due diligence for available funding project pre-qualification, and budgeting.

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Drexel University, PA, 2000

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The Clean Stormwater Act, “Rain Tax”, May 2019
NJAPA, “If you Build it, Will the Toilet Flush”, January 2019
NJLM Mini Conference, “Municipal Water/Wastewater Privatization”, June 2018

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