Headshot of Daren J. Phil, PE, PP, CME

Daren J. Phil, PE, PP, CME

Vice President / Director of Engineering

As a leader in the SCE corporate structure, our Vice President/Director of Engineering, Mr. Daren J. Phil, has the responsibility to oversee the operations of SCE, empowered to establish process flows that not only create efficiencies in day-to-day productivity, but reflects these economic solutions direct to all of our valued Clients. Assisting in corporate strategic growth opportunities, advancement of technology, implementation of management systems, and facilities upgrades, Mr. Phil also services a large portion of SCE’s private and public section Clients as the Principal-in-Charge. A vast understanding of municipal, state, and federal regulatory requirements, coupled with his prior experience in construction management and land development, Mr. Phil continually provides Clients with innovative solutions and expert representation in public forums.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University, New Jersey 1986

Professional Engineer (PE) – New Jersey
Professional Planner (PP) – New Jersey
Certified Municipal Engineer (CME) – New Jersey

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