Headshot of Andrew S. Holt, PE, PP, CME

Andrew S. Holt, PE, PP, CME

Executive Vice President

Extremely motivated in his role as a principal member of SCE’s corporate leadership team, our Executive Vice President, Mr. Andrew S. Holt, oversees much of the company’s financial and strategic plan development and implementation, creating exciting growth, and professional development opportunities within SCE. Compliment the above with three decades of engineering consulting in the public and private sector, Mr. Holt understands the critical role consulting engineers play in successfully advancing Client projects. It is his personal goal to see that his skills, experience, and endless pursuit of education are transferred to all of SCE’s professional resources, allowing even greater progress for our Clients.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State University 1989
Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology 1995
Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Centenary University 2019

Professional Engineer (PE) – New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington
Professional Planner (PP) – New Jersey 
Certified Municipal Engineer (CME) – New Jersey

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