Senior Management

Headshot of Brian K. Strout, PE

Brian K. Strout, PE

Mr. Brian Strout currently serves as Vice President of Operations and recently joined SCE’s...
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Headshot of Joseph D. Perello, LLA, RLA, ASLA, PP

Joseph D. Perello, LLA, RLA, ASLA, PP

Mr. Joseph Perello joined SCE in December 2010 and serves as a Principal and Vice President of the...
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Headshot of Diana L. Coker

Diana L. Coker

Ms. Diana L. Coker joined SCE in August 2005 and currently serves as the company's Vice President...
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Headshot of Kevin P. Campbell

Kevin P. Campbell

Mr. Kevin P. Campbell is a Principal and Client Development Manager at SCE and previously served as...
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Headshot of Erin B. Abline, PE, CME

Erin B. Abline, PE, CME

Ms. Erin B. Abline is currently a Principal and the Land Development Department Manager at SCE and...
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Joseph D. Phil, PLS, PP

Mr. Joseph D. Phil joined SCE full-time in August 2009 and currently serves as a Principal and Land...
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Headshot of Leann E. Fetcho

Leann E. Fetcho

Ms. Leann Fetcho has been with the company for over eleven years and currently serves as a...
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