Project Funding Administrator

Date: February 1, 2024

Title: Project Funding Administrator

Reports to: Department Manager

Location: NJ Based (Flanders, Hackensack, or Wall NJ)

Brief Description: The Project Funding Administrator position will work collaboratively as a member of the Client Development team providing essential support to a variety of engineering departments in a fast-paced work environment.  Candidate will assist Client Development Manager evaluate available grant and funding programs that meet client project needs and audit the necessary milestones and deliverable requirements for each project.  Candidate will coordinate with specific departments and perform administrative quality assurance and quality control for all project related milestones necessary to meet applicable funding requirements.  Candidate will also client liaison advising of necessary approvals and client related deliverables for funding program requirements.

Examples of work/duties:

  • Align project authorizations with municipal government appropriations and bond ordinances.
  • Coordinate with Municipal CFO to establish long term protocols on invoicing and authorizations as necessary for each Grant/Funding program requirement.
  • Liaison between the project team and client administration for anticipation construction costs of projects and reconcile cost occurred to date for corresponding client appropriations.
  • Communicating with client authorized personnel when additional funding appropriations are required.
  • Reconcile hard costs and soft costs attributed to each project.
  • Review invoices prior to finalization for proper time entry submissions as well as appropriate posted labor for associated project scope and grant/funding eligibility.
  • Program Administrator for funded projects.
    • Maintain current status of billing spreadsheet, project authorization tracker and contractor CO tracker and corresponding Bond Ordinance amounts for each project.
    • Finalize invoices and transmit to client.
  • Develop and train project team members of Funding Program guidelines for State Revolving Fund (SRF), New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB) and New Jersey Transportation Infrastructure Bank (NJTIB) funding programs.
  • Remain current with new grant opportunities for Infrastructure projects.
  • Maintain project file with applicable Engineering agreements and project related authorizations.
  • Assist clients with program disbursement forms.
  • Coordinating with Agency review personnel on authorizations necessary and coordination of submittal requirements.
  • Assist client appointed Bond Council on appropriate timeline for governing body approvals and budget appropriations.
  • Assist Client Development Manager with identifying new grant opportunities for Utility clients.
  • Identify prospective clients through the SRF Intended Use Plan (IUP) Project Priority List (PPL).
  • Coordinate with project managers capital improvement request forms and align a timely submission in preparation of municipal budgets.
  • Coordinate outgoing proposals with marketing prior to submission to Client to assign appropriate bond ordinance reference for timely approval from Client.
  • Meet aggressive project deadlines.
  • Adapt to quick turnaround and last-minute changes for project deadlines.
  • Coordinate with Marketing Department staff the preparation and execution of constant contact and social media posts pertaining to various discipline topics.
  • Facilitate strategic growth sub-committee meetings.
  • Work closely with Marketing Department staff to maintain current records on prospective client qualifications packages and associated cover letters and project profile sheets.
  • Work closely with Client Development Department staff and various SCE discipline representatives to update and maintain current the Infrastructure project profile vault.
  • Communicates with department staff to ensure Grant Program standards and guidelines are consistently maintained.
  • Present to Governing Body and or Public Hearings for Grant Program outline.

*Note: The examples of work for this position are for illustrative purposes only. A position using this title may not perform all duties listed in this job specification. Conversely, all duties performed on the job may not be listed above.

Requirements (education, licensing, certifications, etc.):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Political Science preferred.
  • Minimum five years general business experience. Previous A/E or Construction industry experience preferred.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Demonstrated experience in training staff and effective communication.
  • Presentation skills.

SCE offers excellent compensation and benefits packages including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401(k) plan, and paid holidays for this position. We are open to hybrid working arrangement.



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SCE Employee Insight

“At SCE I have never felt out of place because everyone treats each other with a certain level of respect. This speaks highlight of the work culture and values that SCE has built and continues to grow upon as the company expands.”

— Nicholas I. Green – Gas Utility Department

“I find that in Engineering, being creative to find solutions for Clients is extremely rewarding. Each day at SCE, I am lucky to be involved in challenging work, which allows me to apply my knowledge and capabilities.”

— Erin B. Abline, PE, CME – Land Development Department

“As a Project Engineer, I have my hands on both designing and delivering highly involved projects, while also maintaining interactions and growing relationship with our Clients.”

— David A. Chanda, PE, CME – Water/Wastewater

“I Appreciate having the opportunity to work on design projects as well as utilize many available resources at the company. Additionally, I enjoy putting my engineering and management skills to the test, to resolve any challenges with efficient and creative solutions for our Clients”

— George A. Kostantakis – Gas Utility Department

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