City of Hackensack CSO Separation and Main Street Conversion Selected as NJ I-Bank’s Project of the Week

Date: September 1, 2023

As the City of Hackensack Municipal Engineer, SCE served as the consultant on this one-of-a kind design, construction management and observation for the Sewer Separation, Streetscape, and Two-Way Conversion of Main Street project. The City of Hackensack is one of New Jersey’s 21 Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) communities and this project involved the reconstruction of the roadway to meet CSO permit requirements as well as the requirements of the Clean Water Act and the National CSO Policy by reducing or eliminating the remaining CSO outfalls. The project was part of the City’s plan to revitalize their Main Street corridor and included approximately 3,350 linear feet and consists of new concrete sidewalk, reconstructed ADA ramps, decorative paver sidewalk, concrete curb, and site furnishings such as, benches, single and double trash receptacles, parking meters, decorative post-top LED street lighting and street trees to match existing lighting and landscape that is consistent with the southern section of the downtown streetscape.


The City of Hackensack is a unique and diverse city that is on the verge of a Renaissance. Driving around the City you see new buildings, cranes and construction throughout the Rehabilitation Area where redevelopment is initiating the City’s revival. This project combined all of the City’s goals into a very tight schedule in the heart of the City. Hackensack had to act in accordance with their redevelopment agreements to complete the two-way conversion of the previously one-way Main Street which spanned about eight blocks within the center of the Rehabilitation Zone. The City Council had the foresight to ensure that the project did not discount the City’s Long Term Control Plan which included Sewer Separation within the project area. Furthermore, the City had aggressively pursued grants to ensure that their taxpayers do not feel the burden of their Long Term Control Plan or other Capital Improvements and had secured NJEIT—Infrastructure Bank, NJDOT-Transit Village, NJDOT-Local Aid, and NJDOT-Transportation Infrastructure Bank (NJTIB) funds to rebuild Main Street from top to bottom.

The sewer separation, streetscape and two-way conversion of Main Street collectively provides the City of Hackensack a beautiful and functional central district for existing and future developments to thrive in, while improving public safety and ultimately promoting a greater quality of life for its residents. Not only was the scope of improvements critical in reaching the City’s goals, but the process, including obtaining funding from the various government agencies and understanding and following design standards of several governing entities, as well as the ultimate execution of these projects, were just as important in delivering an efficient and economical solution. We are honored the NJ I-Bank has chosen this project as it’s Project of the Week! Visit the links below to read more.

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