Our comprehensive surveying and mapping division employs state-of-the-art equipment to conduct detailed study, inspection, measurement and research in support of construction planning & development and to establish existing property conditions, attributes and boundaries.

  • As-Built Survey

    From single to multiple site, SCE As-Built surveys document detailed existing conditions prior to development, throughout various monitoring phases and as part of the close out verification that all installation is completed within regulations.

  • Construction Stakeout

    Precise staking of engineering and workspace layout of aspects, details, points, markers and elevations assist in the construction strategy, in determining advantageous use of land and that all production and design improvements are within project limits.

  • LiDAR Scanning

    Utilization of our advanced LiDAR Scanning (Light Detection and Ranging) surveying methods enable SCE to measure physical characteristics of the project area from an aerial top-down view or profile view.

  • Minor/Major Subdivision

    SCE will strategically pilot our clients’ subdivision plans throughout the entire complicated course of land use laws, regulations, local ordinances and permitting to reach successful results.

  • Topographic & Boundary Survey

    Viewing the physical 3D world in a 2D platform, SCE Field Techs capture 3 dimensional points and their relative position above, on or below the earth’s surface to reveal acreage contours, features, vegetation, utilities, property lines, distances and borders.

Featured Projects

Hi-Definition 3D LiDAR Scanning

SCE’s state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner provides opportunities to capture detailed LiDAR point clouds of complex sites quickly and efficiently to depict accurate as-built site conditions.

3D Golf Course Green Scanning

SCE 3D scanning services maps the greens which assists in automating pin placement, offering golf courses a better green configuration.

Boonton Birch Street Steps Scan

SCE’s re-design and reconstruct was awarded as the 2016 New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers Award Winning Facility.

Global Navigation Satellite System

SCE’s integrated handheld GNSS is a rugged and high-accuracy device that enables faster and more productive data collection.

Land Surveying Equipment

SCE’s state-of-the-art total stations allows for maximum flexibility for basic surveying projects as well as for specialized project needs. 

Lake Tranquility Scan

SCE’s 2011 NJSME award winning project was 3D scanned shortly after construction providing a full detail as-built of the project.

Highway 3D Scan

SCE utilized state-of-the-art 3D scanning in confined space to determine exact location of a buried pipe under a state highway.

North Plainfield Fire House Scan

SCE utilized 3D laser scanning technology to determine & eliminate various low spots in an existing slab for improved site safety.

North Bergen Site Scan

SCE provided professional services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment including 3D laser scanning technology to monitor settlement deviations.

SCE 3-D Laser Scanning

SCE’s state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner provides opportunities to capture immense amounts of data quickly and accurately for complex sites.

SCE Office Floor Plan Scan

SCE’s headquarters was scanned shortly after its grand opening to showcase the unique layout and future space planning.

Survey GIS Data Collection

SCE utilizes latest GPS antennas for outstanding satellite tracking and high accuracy positioning with real time solutions.

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